[Mediawiki-i18n] Captcha Idea Proposal for GSOC 2014

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I agree with Andre, you can't make a captcha that will not be usable by
blinds, it's called discrimination; this list is, to my mind, not only
about i18n, but also about accessibility, because both go together.

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2014-02-28 21:29 GMT+01:00 Andre Polykanine <andre at oire.org>:

> Hello Aalekh,
> Just note please that none of your 6 solutions is accessible for blind
> and visually impaired users.
> We  are  quite  numerous  in this world, so if you are absolutely sure
> that  you haven't and won't have any blind users on your projects, you
> might do that. But if not, these solutions are just inacceptable.
> Sorry and thanks.
> --
> With best regards from Ukraine,
> Andre
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> From: Aalekh Nigam <aalekh1993 at rediffmail.com>
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> Subject: [Mediawiki-i18n] Captcha Idea Proposal for GSOC 2014
>       Hello,
> I am interested in Multilingual, usable and effective captchas
> project listed in https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Summer_of_Code_2014and figured out few solutions to encounter the solution
> Way we can approach the project:
> 1)Alphabetical order captcha:We can use Html5's drag and drop Api to list
> a particular Set of images into one category .for example in the example
> mentoined in the demo here ,i made a collection of diff words
> starting with letters A,B,C ....as an output i grouped up words with
> starting letter A diff from words with starting letter B,C....As,i used
> text in this example we can use images of diff animals such as cat's and
> dog.....and by drag and drop we can group images of cat and that of dog in
> diff categories.
> 2)Annotation captcha:We can use Images With annotations from
> commons determine the subcategoriy the annotations belongs to and then give
> relevant options to the users ;for example in the file we can search from
> names of different annotations to which they corresponds to from
> wikipedia(names given here are those of mountain) and then give the the
> option's much relevant to the image.
> 3)Effect captcha:We can use image as a question which are changed by the
> effect produced php's gd library and the use the same file with another
> effect and then ask user to match the two files.....for
> example:the image1 can be used as a question asking user to click
> on the image that matches with the question image and as an answer we can
> give this spiral image of the original image.Similarly we can
> give filters to different images producing different options asking user
> for right answer.
> 4)Direct captcha:We can ask to user direct questions like ask for
> selecting cat out of options consisting of images of cats and humans.....an
> example by pginer demonstrate this example
> 5)Ask User to click on given effect: Asking user to click on images
> consisting of spiral effect's out of options which consist of images with
> spiral and other effects(example:grey scale).
> 6)Drag and Drop character in Correct Place: We can use drag and drop api
> of html5 to ask user to form an particular alphabet or no out of the pieces
> of character provided .Here is an example to form an character
> "A" and an digit "8" out of the same pieces of character.
> This drag and drop capability can be further enhance to form a particular
> shapes.For example form a clip art from a particular set of piece of
> shapes....for example the image given here inserts the correct nose as
> asked in the in the questions out of the possible options provided.
> Most,Importantly i think creation of an index system would be fruitful
> since it would rank the inappropriate images on the basis of users response
> (rank is negative for an image if user needs to reload a captcha) to a
> provided captcha.This as the time passes will provide us with relevant
> images which are user friendly and equivalently secure to use.......
> In addition i sincerely appreciate a point mentioned by Gmansi of creation
> of jigsaw puzzle for the images but in my view point there will be listing
> of some particular category of images and those ranked higher in indexing
> system to be used as jigsaw puzzle.
> As an additonal help we can use Extension Assira to make our
> extension smarter.
> I request all members to please give your valuable suggestions as we can
> work to improve this amazing project.  at  
> https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Talk:CAPTCHA  :)
>  Thank YouAalekh Nigam"aalekhN"
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