[Mediawiki-i18n] Captcha Idea Proposal for GSOC 2014

Andre Polykanine andre at oire.org
Fri Feb 28 20:29:34 UTC 2014

Hello Aalekh,

Just note please that none of your 6 solutions is accessible for blind
and visually impaired users.
We  are  quite  numerous  in this world, so if you are absolutely sure
that  you haven't and won't have any blind users on your projects, you
might do that. But if not, these solutions are just inacceptable.
Sorry and thanks.

With best regards from Ukraine,
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Subject: [Mediawiki-i18n] Captcha Idea Proposal for GSOC 2014

I am interested in Multilingual, usable and effective captchas project listed in https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Summer_of_Code_2014 and figured out few solutions to encounter the solution
Way we can approach the project:
1)Alphabetical order captcha:We can use Html5's drag and drop Api to list a particular Set of images into one category .for example in the example mentoined in the demo here ,i made a collection of diff words starting with letters A,B,C ....as an output i grouped up words with starting letter A diff from words with starting letter B,C....As,i used text in this example we can use images of diff animals such as cat's and dog.....and by drag and drop we can group images of cat and that of dog in diff categories.
2)Annotation captcha:We can use Images With annotations from commons determine the subcategoriy the annotations belongs to and then give relevant options to the users ;for example in the file we can search from names of different annotations to which they corresponds to from wikipedia(names given here are those of mountain) and then give the the option's much relevant to the image.
3)Effect captcha:We can use image as a question which are changed by the effect produced php's gd library and the use the same file with another effect and then ask user to match the two files.....for example:the image1 can be used as a question asking user to click on the image that matches with the question image and as an answer we can give this spiral image of the original image.Similarly we can give filters to different images producing different options asking user for right answer.
4)Direct captcha:We can ask to user direct questions like ask for selecting cat out of options consisting of images of cats and humans.....an example by pginer demonstrate this example
5)Ask User to click on given effect: Asking user to click on images consisting of spiral effect's out of options which consist of images with spiral and other effects(example:grey scale).
6)Drag and Drop character in Correct Place: We can use drag and drop api of html5 to ask user to form an particular alphabet or no out of the pieces of character provided .Here is an example to form an character "A" and an digit "8" out of the same pieces of character.
This drag and drop capability can be further enhance to form a particular shapes.For example form a clip art from a particular set of piece of shapes....for example the image given here inserts the correct nose as asked in the in the questions out of the possible options provided.
Most,Importantly i think creation of an index system would be fruitful since it would rank the inappropriate images on the basis of users response (rank is negative for an image if user needs to reload a captcha) to a provided captcha.This as the time passes will provide us with relevant images which are user friendly and equivalently secure to use.......
In addition i sincerely appreciate a point mentioned by Gmansi of creation of jigsaw puzzle for the images but in my view point there will be listing of some particular category of images and those ranked higher in indexing system to be used as jigsaw puzzle.
As an additonal help we can use Extension Assira to make our extension smarter.
I request all members to please give your valuable suggestions as we can work to improve this amazing project.  at  https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Talk:CAPTCHA  :)
 Thank YouAalekh Nigam"aalekhN"

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