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> Onderwerp: [Wikitech-l] Language codes vs site codes
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> Hi,
> Wikimedia projects like Wikipedia exist for a large number of languages
> (>280, wow). Let us call them the sites. They are identified by the site
> code used in the subdomain and in language and interwiki links, e.g. "en"
> for en.wikipedia.org, i.e. the English Wikipedia.
> MediaWiki has a number of interface languages. These are selected through
> the preferences. They also have short language codes that identify them and
> which are used, e.g. in the localization of the code. "en" is used for
> English.
> My four questions:
> * are the language codes a proper superset of the site codes?
> * if the code is the same in both cases, does it always refer to the same
> language?
> * does the Wikimedia project identified by a specific site code also always
> use the same language code as its default interface language?
> * are the answers to the previous three questions accidental or by design,
> i.e. can we expect that this will stay like this in the future?
> I hope that the answers are yes,yes,yes,yes :)
> Sorry for the nitpicking questions, I hope someone knows the answers.
> Cheers,
> Denny
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