[Mediawiki-i18n] A localisation update and the CLDR

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Thanks for the information.  I had looked at the beta Survey Tool earlier and saw there was no way to add new locales.  CLDR looks like a great tool, but the CLDR process seems like it does take a bit of time to learn.  It feels like it somewhat defeats the goal of getting in-country scholars and other experts involved, especially when we're talking about small languages.  Those experts are not necessarily "computer people", which leads once again to update and review by non-expert proxy.  That being said, I'll see what I can do.


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As you may know, the Wikimedia Foundation decided to change its code repository system. They replaced Subversion or SVN with GIT. As a consequence the pipeline of moving localisations from translatewiki.net into GIT has been broken. The good news is that for a first time it has been possible to move localisations from translatewiki for the MediaWiki core messages manually. We expect that this will happen in an automated way in the next week. The LocalisationUpdate is said to be functional and consequently we expect that certainly by Wednesday updates will be noticeable.

Let us hope that it will not take much longer for the extension messages to reach their destination.

It is that time again, the CLDR or the Common Locale Data Repository is open for updates and new data. As you know, MediaWiki relies on correct data from this source. Sadly many language we support are not supported in the CLDR. We also know that there is data that should change because it is wrong. We have started a page [1] explaining what we are looking for from you.

So our question to you is to read the instructions and do what is necessary for your language. Please let us know[1] if the content is complete or incomplete and please let us know your experience when you want to change the data.

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