[Mediawiki-i18n] CLDR and Names.php

Robin Pepermans robinp.1273 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 14 23:12:55 UTC 2012


Some time ago I made a comparison of MediaWiki and CLDR names, see
http://translatewiki.net/wiki/User:SPQRobin/languages . I find it also
important to have the right language names, and to be
consistent/efficient. Something I've been thinking about for some time
is to change names in MediaWiki from always uppercase to lowercase
where that's normal (as in CLDR).

Also, I am planning to include all English language names (from ISO
639-3) in MediaWiki. Including native names from CLDR in core is more
difficult, but we could perhaps do that in the future and then
fallback where possible, as you propose.

2012/4/13 Shervin Afshar <shervinafshar at gmail.com>:
> Hi,
> Two weeks ago Amir submitted a request to the mailing list asking folks to
> review the list of language names available in Names.php:
> https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/gitweb?p=mediawiki/core.git;a=blob;f=languages/Names.php;hb=HEAD
> The request was followed up by few issues noticed for Czech, Slovak, and
> some other languages. It's obvious that by relying only on available input
> from the community, one can not make sure that the rest of the data is
> correct. Given this I recommended doing a minimal implementation of CLDR
> data. Here's what I wrote to Amir:
>> I skimmed through the list and haven't seen anything incorrect. I have a
>> question though; considering the fact that some of this data is available in
>> CLDR, have you ever considered integrating their data and then do a
>> fallback? The fallback would definitely be necessary in some cases because
>> your list is *way* more extensive than what CLDR currently supports.
>> Of course, CLDR specs lets adding new locales easily. So the ideal would
>> be to have a seed (with minimal information) for the locales which doesn't
>> exists there and are present in MW list. As CLDR is peer reviewed through
>> surveys targeted in-country scholars and standard body representatives,
>> normally the quality of the data and metadata is very good.
>> In the past, there was at least this one extension I know off which was
>> facilitating the use of CLDR data on MW:
>> http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:CLDR
>> Let me know what you think. I'd be happy to help.
> I haven't received any feedback from Amir up to now and as I'm not a MW
> developer, I'm writing here to ask for your opinion on the matter. The
> bottom line is that I can script out something that cross-checks Names.php
> values with CLDR entries, but I think it'd better to think about a long-term
> solution.
> Cheers,
> Shervin
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