[Mediawiki-i18n] MediaWiki i18n "call to arms"

Platonides platonides at gmail.com
Tue Apr 3 15:14:36 UTC 2007

Berto 'd Sera wrote:
> Hoi!
>> . This could be "guessed at" by looking at
>> existing, incomplete files. Probably there is a fairly predictable
>> order to which messages get translated first.
> You're a genius :) Yeah, we can probably get a pattern out of that.
> So..
> If we have a macro to load them up in a MySql db we get a 3-vectored space:
> 1) lancode (PK1)
> 2) message name (PK2; this is supposed to hold unchanged thru localization)
> 3) text
> We can get very close to "reading people's vote" by seeing which msgs are
> localized say by at least 75% of the existing interfaces. 
> Yeah... al it should take is a php script that would parse a directory of
> message files and load them in the table. After that we simply run some
> "SELECT COUNT(*)"s to generate all the comparative analysis we need. 
> If the $msg_names hold unchanged it shouldn't even be a long script, because
> you can simply parse the existing variables and use their name/content pair
> without writing any CASE statement at all, right?

I have made a little list as r20920 of the messages at

Not surplrisingly, the most translated are thinks like mainpage, help or 
mytalk, needed to have a good interface.

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