[Mediawiki-i18n] Internationalisation news 2006-05-22

Rotem Liss mail at rotemliss.com
Mon May 22 16:14:04 UTC 2006

More suggested ignored messages (by the way, the list should be added to 
the official tools in maintenance):

    * "addsection" => "+"
    * "widthheight" => "$1x$2"
    * "media_sample" => "Media.ogg"
    * "number_of_watching_users_RCview" => "[$1]" (may be deleted - why
      should it be changed?)
    * "sorbs" => "SORBS DNSBL" (may be deleted, by the way - is it used
      at all?)
    * "accesskey-" messages => some accesskey in English
    * "marksaspatrolledlink" => "[$1]" (may be deleted - why should it
      be changed?)
    * "variantname-" messages => some English letters should not be changed
    * "trackback" => "; $4$5 : [$2 $1]" (may be deleted - why should it
      be changed?)
    * "trackbackexcerpt" => "; $4$5 : [$2 $1]: <nowiki>$3</nowiki>" (may
      be deleted - why should it be changed?)
    * "unit-pixel" => "px" (how should it be translated?)
    * "newtalkseperator" => "_" (what is its use at all?)

Niklas Laxström wrote:

>Apart from Monsters winning the song contest, no monstrous changes
>this week. Polish, Swedish, French and Italian got bigger updates and
>many other languages smaller updates. Many changes were made to
>Messages.php to keep you busy on this week too  :). Statistics and
>list of problems at [1] and [2] has been updated.
>List of ignored messages got some additions. Currently it has the
>following messges:
>'sidebar', // contains help
>'metadata-fields', // Objected, contains help
>#'edittools',  // Objected, not on the list
>This list is also at [3].
>[1] http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Localization_statistics
>[2] http://nike.users.idler.fi/dev/problems.txt
>[3] http://nike.users.idler.fi/betawiki/Ignored_messages
>Changes to messages in period of 2005-05-14 to 2005-05-21
>-'whatlinkshere' (There was two of them, one was removed)
>'mainpagedocfooter' (Urls changed)
>'passwordremindertext' ($4)
>'anontalkpagetext' (removed link to [[IP address]])
>'clearyourcache' (entity to literal unicode glyph)
>'largefile' (grammar)
>'monobook.js' (ca-nstab-wp to ca-nstab-project)
>'mediawarning' (removed newline)
>Metadata changes:
>{{ns:project}} changes:
>'blockedtext' (also markup changes)

#define Name RotemLiss
#define Mail mailSTRUDELrotemlissDOTcom
#define Site www.rotemliss.com

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