[Mediawiki-i18n] Translating extensionsI'vewritten...forthcoming changes

helix84 helix84 at centrum.sk
Wed Dec 6 02:02:24 UTC 2006

Gerard, everyone here is a volunteer and everyone has to do something
apart from wiki to earn for a living, so everyone is busy, too.
Please, remember this.
You won't solve a problem by complaining. Try to criticize
constructively. First step is formulating your needs. But you can't
just throw work on someone else's shoulders. Try to keep that in mind.

And I didn't say Nikerabbit wouldn't take care of extensions, too. But
you have to ask him. I asked him about six months ago when there were
little core translations finished and focus was needed on that. That
may have changed.

I'd like to suggest you one thing, although you may not want to try it
- give Subversion a chance. Subversion is quite simple, but it does
need a little time and patience to get used to, like any other
software. Subversion isn't just for programmers. It's here to help,
not to complicate things. And it does help, that's why it's popular.
If you don't want to, I understand, but the problem remains unsolved.
You may get upset about it and try to solve it yourself in a way that
suits you. That's how open source works.

Rob, please, you don't get bitter because of one person who lost his
nerve. There is a problem which may need solution, or at least an
explanation. As I see it, an ordinary translator doesn't know how
things work, that's why you didn't understand each other. I'll try to
make a howto summing up everything about localization. We could then
make it also a FAQ for this mailing list.

And everyone remember:
Stay cool when the editing gets hot
Assume good faith

We're all volunteers working toward the same goals.


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