[Translators-l] Please test the Second 2011 Editor Survey

Tisza Gergo gtisza at gmail.com
Fri Dec 9 18:48:43 UTC 2011

Damokos Bence <damokos.bence <at> wiki.media.hu> writes:
> I guess it was left out by mistake and not because the translation was missing

It was left out because of a missing newline I fixed later [1]; probably
whatever software was used could not parse the options that way. (It might be a
good idea to notify the translators in the case of automatically detectable
errors. If you use the Translate extension (which, as Amir already noted, is
very well suited for translating interfaces which can be broken down into short
pieces of text, some of which can be reused), it has real-time syntax checking
capabilities, maybe that could be used to see if you have the correct number of
options. Of course, if you used Translate, every option could be a separate
message, eliminating the possibility of error altogether. )


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