[Wikipedia-PA] India Program: Fortnightly IRC: Indic Languages: Thursday April 5th 9pm (IST): #wikimedia-office

Hisham hisham at wikimedia.org
Thu Apr 5 01:04:49 UTC 2012

Hi Folks

Reminder about the IRC  today (9pm IST on Thursday April 5th)  Do join us using this link: http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=#wikimedia-office.

Here is what we would like to discuss today - which we shall do for the first 45 minutes and then throw it open for 15 minutes for any other topics that anyone wants to discuss related to India Program.

You may have noticed that we are increasing our emphasis on Wikisource.  Please see Shiju's post on using simple technology to support digitazation (http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/India_Program/Indic_Languages/Digitization_of_books_in_Wikisource_using_DjVu) and Noopur's story of the Gujarati Wikisource (http://blog.wikimedia.in/2012/04/04/realizing-the-dreams-of-communities-3-years-6-users-1000-articles-counting-the-source-of-gujarati-wikisource/)  

In addition, Shiju has been engaged with other communities on how to start or accelerate their respective language Wikisources.  

Wikisource has some very important characteristics that make it attractive.  

It's a (relatively) easier way for newbies to start contributing than the respective Wikipedia
It's a great way to reach out to language lovers - and love for a language is an important motivator for contribution (on this and other projects)
There is a much lower gender gap on Wikisource, and it's easy for a wider age group to contribute
It's more "accessible" as an entry point to newbies because it has less policies than other projects
It's can act as a gateway to other projects
In today's IRC, we'd like to talk through the work that's happening on Wikisource by many communities, discuss best practices and provide a channel of support for anyone interested in joining the project from any language.  

Speak soon.


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