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*TL;DR*: Communities using Flow are invited to fill out a survey about what
they want to see from Flow,[Y]. It is administered by a third-party
service. It will not require an e-mail or your username. See our privacy

We in the Collaboration Team have currently paused major development of
Flow. We continue to maintain it, fixing urgent bugs and adding minor
features, but we're not planning to put large-scale efforts into improving
it further in the current fiscal year (until June 2017). Flow is currently
enabled on ten wikis as a beta feature, which allows intrepid users to
convert their user talk page to Flow.[X] Some other communities are trying
it in various ways. We plan to support these communities in the future, and
we need their input to build a strategy.

This survey is so that you can help us make decisions about the way forward
in this area by sharing your thoughts about Flow — what works, what
doesn't, and what should be improved? We remain interested in the
structured discussions that the Flow project provides, and have a list of
five big areas we think are most needed (based on community requests and
user feedback) to make it more useful: searching, categorising, moving,
watching activity, and dealing with history.

This survey will help us to prioritise future development of Flow. However,
there are lots of other things on which we could instead work, and we hope
that through this survey we will identify the key areas for everyone so
that it is as useful as possible for those that wish to use it.

There are some areas in which Flow is currently weak for some use cases,
and we don't advocate its active use by wikis which lack the expertise on
how to use it. Because of this, we're not actively looking for further
wikis to get the beta feature at this time, but if your wiki wants it, you
can request it on this page.[X]

Please fill out the survey,[Y] which is administered by a third-party
service. It will not require an e-mail or your username. See our privacy

Thank you!

[X] https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Flow/Request_Flow_on_a_page/Beta_feature

[Y] https://wikimedia.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_cHm4YCZ4AaoAOr3


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