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Чтв 17 Лис 2016 09:41:22 UTC

Доброго дня усім!

Фонд Вікімедіа відкриває дві можливості для стажувань у Сан-Франциско.
Можливо, комусь буде цікаво. Деталі з міжнародної розсилки нижче.

З повагою
Олена Захарян

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Hello all,

As some of you may have seen there are two open positions (both paid) in
the Community Engagement department for internships on the Learning &
Evaluation team:


   Communications Intern:. (6 months, up to 30 hours/week) We are looking
   for a candidate who works and / or studies in the field of communications,
   has excellent verbal and written English communications skills and the
   ability to excel in a fast-paced, multitasking environment. Knowledge
   and/or experience with Wikimedia Projects a plus!

The Communications Iintern will primarily support conference communications
for the Community Engagement Team (including event planning and materials
preparation), help plan workshops and community events for program leaders
(as well as document the outcome of those events), and assist with the
coordination of technology supports for communications and events. You can
find the complete job description here:



   Technical Intern (3 months up to 20 hours/week) We are looking for a
   candidate that has experience in Mediawiki mark-up and technical
   communications experience in designing for web content curation and user
   flow, has proficiency in at least three of the following programming
   languages: Javascript, Lua, Python, MySQL, has experience developing or
   administrating MediaWiki websites. The candidate should have a strong
   interest in archival systems, searchability and usable portals on wiki, and
   technical skills for designing Wikimedia templates and pages.

The Technical Design Intern will work closely with the Communications and
Outreach Coordinator (that would be me!) on the Wikimedia Resource Center,
the redesign of the Evaluation Portal on Meta Wikimedia, and migration and
archiving of L&E portal pages from existing namespaces to new namespace,
among other tasks. You can find the complete job description here:


If you are interested, please apply. If you know someone who might fit this
position, please forward the email to them!



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