[Wiki Loves Monuments] WLM Monuments Challenge: winners!

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And the winners of the first Wiki Loves Monuments Challenge are?

Last May the Dutch WLM organisation introduced the Wiki Loves Monuments
Challenge. Contenders could earn points by writing and enhancing articles
about Dutch Governmental Monuments ('Rijksmonumenten') on Wikipedia.

About 15 Wikipedians enthusiastically started the challenge. Quickly three
of them took the lead, until Vaterloader started competing. He did really
well and became, with 20.340 points the winner of the first Wiki Loves
Monuments Challenge. His articles covered mainly Monuments in Delft and
Rotterdam and were very detailed. Sometimes maybe a bit boring to read, but
they definitely have added value for the free encyclopedia.

The second price goes to DirkVE with 19.380 points. He, being the leader
from the start and also recent winner of the Gendergap writing challenge ‘The
Woman You Never Met', was engaged in a  fierce struggle with Vaterloader
until the end. When DirkVE  enters a writing challange, he writes a lot.
Also this time, but his articles are really solid and highly valued,
especially the detailed maps, he added..

So the first Wiki Loves Monuments Challenge was a success, for which we
also thank the other contenders.

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