[Wiki Loves Monuments] [WLM announce] Notes from the Wiki Loves Monuments international team meeting

Stephen LaPorte stephen.laporte at gmail.com
Tue Feb 28 01:16:34 UTC 2017

Hi all,

I'm very excited to get started on Wiki Loves Monuments 2017! There are
some amazing projects in the works.

A few weeks ago, some members of the Wiki Loves Monuments international
team met to go over the results from 2016 and start planning for 2017.
We've posted notes from the meeting at

Here are the highlights:

- The international team's draft mission: While there is a lot of
excitement around Wiki Loves Monuments, there has also been much discussion
about the exact goal. We thought it would be helpful for the international
team to get on the same wavelength about our work, and it was a fruitful
conversation. Wiki Loves Monuments can serve a few different, very
important purposes -- helping people connect to built cultural heritage,
providing a significant number of new high quality contributions for
Wikimedia, and helping a local group jumpstart their Wikimedia activities.
We decided that these three goals should be our mission: to freely document
and raise awareness of built cultural heritage, increase contributions to
the Wikimedia projects and bolster local Wikimedia communities by leading
and facilitating an annual federated, global, low-barrier photo
competition. We hope this mission will help us focus and do some valuable
work this year.

- Recap of Wiki Loves Monuments: We wrote about some of our work that was
necessary to run the campaign in 2016. We did this to make sure all of us
in the international team have a clear picture of what needs to be done to
organize the competition at the international level. The documentation will
hopefully be a helpful resource for future organizers, and help us improve
some of the documentation.

- Evaluations for 2016: In addition to the amazing results and statistics
from 2016, it's helpful to reflect on feedback that organizers and those
who did not organize Wiki Loves Monuments in 2016 provided throughout the
process. Thank you to everyone who provided replies to us last month. We
learned about a few successes (increase in participation, partnerships with
UNESCO, and beyond), as well as some opportunities to improve (such as
making the process easier, and helping with more partnerships in the

- Our projects for 2017: Based on the previous discussions, we'll take on a
few tech projects for the next year. We will be working on three: enriching
and integrating the monuments data in Wikidata (supporting work from
Wikimedia Sweden), enabling more global partnerships and international
competition, providing better statistics, and working on a new tool to show
off monument data (Monumental).

- What do we think Wiki Loves Monuments will look like in five years? We
hope to see the competition continue to grow, for it to be the world's
biggest collection of monuments data (in addition to the world's biggest
photo competition). We will aim to welcome more countries into the
campaign, as well. Of course, these are just a few concepts from the
international team, hopefully to start more conversations with everyone who
has a part in Wiki Loves Monuments around the world.

We have some exciting ideas in store for 2017! If you have any comments or
questions, please do not hesitate to send me an email, reply on this
thread, or leave a note on the talk page at

Stephen, on behalf of the Wiki Loves Monuments international team
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