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Tue Aug 1 06:06:44 UTC 2017

Hi all,

Wiki Loves Monuments international team is excited to share the
following news with you:

Flickr [1] and Wiki Loves Monuments will work together to encourage
and facilitate the contributions by Flickr photographers to Wiki Loves
Monuments 2017. Here is the rough sketch of how this collaboration
will work (more details will be provided on this list as we learn more
but also as we run into questions that we'd like to answer with you):

* Flickr is going to use their Worldwide Photowalk Group [2] to host
images and invite photographers to participate in Wiki Loves Monuments

* This week they will publish a blog post on the Flickr Blog/social
and update the group with a call to action for photographers to begin
organizing independent meetup events/walks in their location in
September. They will be closely following the sign-ups for countries
participating in Wiki Loves Monuments 2017 [3]. Please help us by
keeping that page updated.

* Organizers will create Facebook events with specific details and
monuments the attendees will photograph. Flickr will host a master
list broken down by continent/country in a Group Discussion.

* They will open the Group for photo submissions in September to
officially launch the month and in sync with each country's opening
and closing time and date of campaigns.

* Flickr will post each week with their favorite images in the group
(blog + social + galleries) to continue encouraging

* When we say "organizer" in above points, we are referring to group
organizers on Flickr end. If country organizers on our end would like
to get more involved with Flickr photographers, we'd support and
encourage that but local organizers on either side shouldn't feel
pressured to do so. :)

For a list of things we should do, please read [4].

In the past, the photowalks have been pretty popular [5] and both
sides are looking forward to welcoming new cities as part of this Wiki
Loves Monuments season.

We are very happy that Flickr is working with us and our communities
through Wiki Loves Monuments 2017 and we hope that the experience of
this year provides more opportunities for the two communities to
collaborate more in the future.

Questions and comments are welcome.


[1] https://www.flickr.com/
[2] https://www.flickr.com/groups/flickr10photowalks/
[3] https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2017/Participating_countries#Definitely_participating_countries
On our end, we will need to do the following:
* Workout how to keep the local organizers updated about the
submissions on Flickr end as the contest is moving forward.
* Create a bot that will call a Flickr API at the end (or at specific
intervals) of the contest to import photos from Flickr to Commons. We
should communicate with Flickr what exact information they should make
sure gets collected and served via the API. (country code, monuments
ID, name/id of the photographers, license, photo, ...)
* Licenses accepted.
* [optional] A mapping tool such as Monumental is something
photographers will appreciate a lot. :)
* and more

[5] Continents/cities that have had participated more than a couple of
times in the past photowalks by Flickr:

Europe: London, Berlin, Munich, Paris, León or Valladolid (and other
cities) in Spain, Moscow, Rome and other Italian cities...

Americas: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, NYC, Las Vegas,
Vancouver, Toronto, Sao Paolo, Guadalajara (Mexico)

Asia: Bangalore and other cities in India, Taipei, Karachi,

Oceania: Sydney, Melbourne and other smaller cities in Australia,
occasionally some city in New Zealand (Christchurch) or Japan (Nigata,

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