[Wiki Loves Monuments] Searching for uploads

Platonides platonides at gmail.com
Wed Sep 28 22:03:25 UTC 2016

Rebecca O'Neill wrote:
> Hi all,
> We've just realised that some of the upload links on our Irish WLM
> website are broken, and we're not sure how long they have been like
> that. Is there any way to search Wiki Commons for content uploaded from
> Ireland over the past 3 weeks, to see if there are any users that we
> should contact about photographs that should be included in WLM?
> Thanks!
> Rebecca

No. You can't search uploaded files by user geolocation.
(Technically, it might be possible to cross the info from several logs 
to get it, but (a) it'd be complex to perform and (b) I'm pretty sure 
such request would be rejected)

Where did your broken links point to?

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