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Hi  Leila,
Ukraine will not be able to submit photographs by October 25.
We need a month for jury work till November 1.

Ilya, on behalf of the WLM Ukraine organizing committee

On Mon, Sep 26, 2016 at 7:50 AM, Lily <lilyofthewest.wikimedia at gmail.com>

> Hi all,
> If you are a WLM organizer, jury coordinator in the national level, or a
> jury member, this email can contain crucial information for you. Everyone
> else, you can safely stop here. :)
> This email contains some best practices on how to run your local jury
> process with regards to criteria, jury membership and process. Finally, it
> includes some instructions on how to choose your jury tool.
> Timeline
> You should plan to start the jury process as soon as the competition ends
> in your country, this is October 1 for many of you. :) The international
> team expects to receive the top 10 photos of your country no later than
> October 25.
> Judging criteria
> While every national competition can choose the judging criteria based on
> the specific needs of the country, the international team recommends the
> following three judging criteria to be considered in the country-level jury
> processes: technical quality, originality, and usefulness of the photo for
> Wikipedia. If you are interested to learn more about these criteria, please
> read more about the judging criteria
> <http://www.wikilovesmonuments.org/judging-criteria/> that the
> international jury will be using as explained in this blogpost by Lodewijk.
> Local jury set-up
> National competitions typically have a jury with at least 3 members (the
> more photos, the more jury members). The local jury set-up is usually
> defined based on the judging criteria you will choose to go with. The
> international team recommends that, depending on the number of photos you
> expect to have by the end of the contest, you have 1-3 Wikimedians (maybe
> those with quality/featured images on Commons), 1-3 people who are familiar
> or are experts in the heritage of your country (especially the monuments),
> and 1-3 people who are professional or (quality) amateur photographers. Of
> course, all jury members should be excluded from winning prizes awarded by
> the jury.  The national jury can then nominate maximum 10 photos per
> country for the international finale.
> Jury process
> The jury process on the national level is defined by each country. The
> international team recommends the following process:
> Round 1: Yes/No or rating
> The goal of this round is to lower the number of competing photos to
> 400-700. If your total number of pictures is less than 500, you can skip
> this round.
> Jury members are asked to vote yes/no for each photo they are shown and
> are requested to stick to a maximum number of ‘yes’ votes (for example,
> 500). Based on these votes, a set of 400-700 photos is selected for the
> next round. If you have many photos, you may have to do this round in two
> steps.
> Round 2: Rating
> The goal of this round is to come to a selection of the top-50 images.
> Jury members are asked to rate/score each image with 1-5 stars. Based on
> the average from their votes, the top-50 is selected for the next round. If
> there are many pictures with similar scores, the coordinator can choose to
> select a top-40, top-60, etc.
> Round 3: Live meeting or ranking
> The goal of this round is to arrive at a final ranking and winning
> pictures. If geographically feasible, the jury can meet in person. The jury
> tool supports an alternative method: ranking. Each jury member is asked to
> rank their favorite 20 photos in order. Based on this ranking, points are
> awarded to each photo (20 for the number 1, 19 for number 2, etc). The
> total number of points determines the final result. Jury members are also
> asked to give a reason for selecting their top images. You can use this
> latter information to explain explain why the winner was selected, an
> information that can be useful for your jury report and press releases.
> Jury tool
> Unless you have a very small number of submissions (less than 100), it's
> usually efficient for your jury to use one of the available tools
> <https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:Jury_tools> for judging the
> photos. The international team would like to bring your attention to two
> tools: ‘Montage’ and ‘WLX’. Below you can find more information about
> these two tools. We suggest that you look into these tools now, and make
> your choice soon.
> Montage
> Montage is the new tool that has been developed this year by volunteers
> and per the request by the WLM international team. There are two features
> of the tool that are worth pointing out: The tool is designed and developed
> in a way that can accommodate the recommended jury process explained above
> (yes/no, rating, ranking features are supported). The developer team will
> also guarantee to provide timely support (within 24 hours) starting October
> 1.
> If you're a national jury coordinator or a jury member and want to test
> the current version of the tool, please leave a note on the tool’s
> discussion page <https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons_talk:Montage>.
> If you want to have a 1:1 conversation with one of the developers, please
> leave a message using the same link. You should feel free to leave
> questions/comments about the tool in the same page. If you are familiar
> with GitHub, you can also create issues on GitHub
> <https://github.com/hatnote/montage/issues>. Please note that the
> developers will continue adding features and smoothing the workflow until
> October 1, what you will test now will give you a sense of the basics you
> should expect. :)
> What is essential for you to be able to start the jury process on October
> 1 using Montage is the Wikimedia usernames of your jury members (if they
> don't have an account, please ask them to open one). If you decide to go
> with Montage, please gather this information sooner rather than later.
> You can learn more about the tool here
> <https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:WLX_Jury_Tool>. The tool has
> been used by many countries as part of WLM and WLE contests in the past
> years. If you're interested to use WLX, please contact Ilya (WLX's tool
> developer) in the tool's talk page
> <https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons_talk:WLX_Jury_Tool>.
> If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to ask them
> here or off-list.
> Best,
> Leila
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> User: LilyOfTheWest
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