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Lodewijk lodewijk at effeietsanders.org
Wed Sep 21 12:29:48 UTC 2016

Hi all,

I'd like to quickly point to the good practice of thanking contributors for
their photos, and using that opportunity to give them some more information
on how else they can contribute to Wikipedia. This might increase the
number of people that stick around for longer than just the competition.
After submitting a (rather poor) few photos to the US competition myself, I
received this message: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User_talk:

This kind of message can probably be sent automatically. The text I pasted
below for your convenience.


Hi there! Thank you for contributing to Wiki Loves Monuments 2016 in the
United States. We're excited to see people uploading thousands of photos
from all over the country! You and others have collectively uploaded 4,929
photos so far, all of which are viewable at Category:Wiki Loves Monuments
2016 in the United States (sorted by state).

We encourage you to continue contributing through the rest of the month.
Uploading your photos of monuments isn't the only way to contribute,
however. If you're interested, we have compiled a list of auxiliary ways to
contribute - which include improving Wikipedia's coverage of historic and
cultural sites, as well as finding existing free photos that can be shared
on the Commons. While these contributions don't count towards the contest,
we are still keeping track of them and they are great ways to contribute to
the spirit of the project.

If you are interesting in contributing to Wikipedia, WikiProject National
Register of Historic Places is also great place to start. The WikiProject
showcases the work that has been done so far in covering NRHP sites, and
can also help you find articles that need improving.

If you're on Twitter, give us a follow Twitter Logo Mini.svg
@WLMUnitedStates for updates, news, and more.

If you have any questions between now or the end of the month, feel free to
leave a message on my talk page. Thank you! ~Kevin Payravi (talk) 09:28, 21
September 2016 (UTC)
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