[Wiki Loves Monuments] Import spring monument lists into Wikidata

Lodewijk lodewijk at effeietsanders.org
Fri Jun 17 20:57:27 UTC 2016

Hi all!

As many of you may be aware, Wikimedia Sweden is working on getting the
monument data to Wikidata. At the hackathon
Wikimania, we would like to do an import sprint, where you as experts on
your local heritage can help them out to get the monument lists imported!

Please do indicate your interest both here and on Phabricator:

The room will be announced later, but it will take place either way in
Esino Lario, at the primary school on Wednesday 22 June.

Both coders and wikidata wizards who would like to help with the import, as
people who know their heritage lists well, and want to help us out
understand the data better are very welcome!

If you have any questions, just shoot!


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