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Mon Jul 4 18:19:30 UTC 2016

Hi everyone,

Greetings from the WLM international team. :) We're excited to work with
all of you this year to bring more of the world heritage to our projects.
You will hear from us more in the coming weeks about specific action items
we'd like to work with you on, but in the mean time, we'd like to share
with you a list of items that you should be aware of:

* While we share specific timelines soon, it's worth to point out that the
contest will take place in the month of September.

* Check out Who's who
and familiarize yourself with the international team. We expect a couple of
more additions to this list in the coming week or so, but other than that,
the list is stable at this point. :)

* All tasks related to WLM 2016 that the international team should work on
will be tracked in Phabricator, under the Wiki-Loves-Monuments (2016)
milestone <https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/project/view/2005/>. If you
have a task that needs our attention, please tag it with
Wiki-Loves-Monuments (2016).

* We are excited that so far three new and many old-timer countries have
signed up to participate. If your country's name is not on the list of
participating countries
we want to see that changed if possible. So, please reach out to me
off-list and we will do what we can to help you participate, especially if
you reach out to us soon.

* We are collecting specifications for further developing a jury tool for
WLM. If your country has used a jury tool since 2014, please let us know
about your experience with the tool through this survey (Before clicking
the link, please note that this is a survey on a third party site):
by July 9, AoE.

* We are looking for at least one individual who can help us with
communications (on the blog post and beyond) before, during, and after the
WLM contest. If you are up for helping us, please ping me.

* We are also looking for an Arabic speaker who can help us with our
communications. If this sounds remotely interesting to you, please ping. me
and we can figure out the time commitment. :)

If there is anything else we can help you with, please don't hesitate to
ping me.

Leila, on behalf of the WLM international team

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