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Hi WLM people,

For some reason this (draft) report was send to the glam-l list and not 
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TL;DR: The Learning and Evaluation team at Wikimedia Foundation has 
released the first Programs Reports for Wiki Loves Monuments [1] and 
Other Photo Events [2]. Learn more about how these programs deliver 
against the set goals and comment on what next steps should be! Join the 
event on Wed May 6 *[3]*

Hi all,

The Learning and Evaluation team at Wikimedia Foundation is happy to 
launch the first two Wikimedia programs reports 2015: Wiki Loves 
Monuments [1]and Other Photo Events [2]. As many of you know, the 
reports are the result of a collaborative effort that brings together 
program leaders across the movement and the L&E team, to better 
understand the impact Wikimedia programs have online and offline.

Highlights of the first reports include that media uploaded to Wikimedia 
Commons as part of the Wiki Loves Monuments and other photo events (from 
September 2013 to September 2014) represent 14% of the media uploaded to 
Commonsand media uploaded are used in articles at five times the rate 
ofother media uploaded during the same time period.Read the reports to 
understand how many new users are introduced to wiki projects through 
these programs, to learn about user retention, and to see how effective 
photo events are at expanding and improving contenton Wikimedia 
projects. Unlike the beta reports, these new deliveries includes a new 
section: «How this info can apply to program planning», in the section 
«Key Findings», to help program leaders make the most of these reports.

In addition to these two reports, we've published an overview report on 
the state of program evaluation and reporting. Specifically, the section 
Evaluation Initiative[4]will give readers a snapshot on the state of 
learning and evaluation in the movement.

We have come a long way, and we want to thank everyone who has been 
involved in different parts of this initiative and especially those who 
shared data with us! We still have a lot of work to approach together.We 
need program leaders ideas and views to explore possible next steps.Some 
potential areas for further investigation of Other Photo Events and Wiki 
Loves Monuments are:


    Do different types of photo events attract different types of users?


    How can we apply the successes of low-cost, low-scale events to
    other contexts?

Join the conversation on the Talk Page of both reports. Additionally, we 
will host an event to present the reports and discuss them on 
*Wednesday, May 6, at 1500 UTC.* We have heard back from some program 
leaders that will not be able to make it, but as many of you know, it is 
hard to find a time that works across the movement. We are unable to 
move this virtual event, but*it will be recorded and available for the 
public and commenting afterwards. *Join the event here:


Watch for the next Wikimedia Programs Reports, including:


    On-wiki Writing Contest


    GLAM Content donations




    Editing Workshops


    Wikipedia Education Program






    Wikipedians in Residence

We look forward to your questions, comments and suggestions. See you on 
the Talk Page!

*María Cruz *\\Community Coordinator, PE&D Team\\Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.
mcruz at wikimedia.org <mailto:mcruz at wikimedia.org> | : @marianarra_ 

*[1] Wiki Loves Monuments Evaluation Report:*


*[2] Other Photo Events Evaluation Report:*


*[3] Virtual event about the reports:*


*[4] Evaluation Initiative:*


*[5] Program Reports (beta):*


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