[Wiki Loves Monuments] Pulled the plug on ErfgoedBot

Maarten Dammers maarten at mdammers.nl
Sun Jun 28 10:40:36 UTC 2015


I've been running ErfgoedBot [1] since the start of Wiki Loves 
Monuments. ErfgoedBot still runs on old pywikibot compat code that will 
break soon [2]. I could invest time in updating the bot and I have been 
considering doing that for quite some time, but I realized I just don't 
have the motivation for it. Commons has become a toxic place dominated 
by a small group of very vocal users. These users don't seem to accept 
that Russavia is banned and to try to turn everything into "Commons 
community" vs "WMF" battle. I don't identify with that and I don't feel 
like investing time in a project where this behaviour is acceptable.


[1] https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:ErfgoedBot

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