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Mykola Kozlenko mycola-k at ukr.net
Sun Jul 26 11:39:51 UTC 2015

In Ukraine, we have two problems Wikidata is not able to deal so far: 
1) Our monument IDs are the ones we invent ourselves. We have 4 types of monuments times 27 regions (+1 nationwide list), some of these lists have identifiers, some not. Identifiers are not unique even within the same list, e.g. one list has a few monuments with identifier "1", and in total we have several dozens monuments with identifier "1". Thus our governmental IDs are pretty useless, but does Wikidata accept original IDs created by Wikimedians? 
2) Many of our monuments do not have precise addresses like "city, street, house number", but something like descriptions, e.g. "1.2 km north of the railway station, 500 m east of the road to (some village), 300 m west of the cemetery"  or "in the centre of the village, in the park behind the shop". Is there a way to describe this on Wikidata? 
In addition, we would be glad to know if there are any tools to migrate 70,000+ items to Wikidata, as doing this manually would be probably impossible... If not, we would be still interested in old good erfgoedbot who  did its job pretty well in our case. 
Thanks, Mykola (NickK) Wikimedia Ukraine 

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Hi all, I guess everyoe knows by now that the erfgoedbot will no longer work. Meanwhile, we should be migrating the entire infrastructure to Wikidata to enable the next generation of tooling. So for example, if your country has legislation regarding the protection of industrial monuments, then I expect that all large industrial complexes (such as the first airport, or the first steam-powered mill complex, or something like that) should reflect this infrastructure. So such wikipedia articles should be labelled " instance of"  <the name of your identifier used in WLM>. This identifier of the form " German industrial heritage site", aka " Industriedenkmal "  should be a subclass of Industrial Heritage Site, because it is not equivalent to industrial heritage sites anywhere else in the world. I see that this is not reflected yet in Q1569871 
I didn't see this discussion anywhere and I tried to get this infrastructure started before the birth of Wikidata, but we really should finish the job now. Jane _______________________________________________
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