[Wiki Loves Monuments] [Wikimedia-l] Wiki Loves Monuments in Italy largely blocked by WMF fundraising

Federico Leva (Nemo) nemowiki at gmail.com
Thu Aug 20 10:01:19 UTC 2015

Nicu Buculei, 20/08/2015 11:49:
> Correction: WMIT didn't decide to run WLM on September, they run it in
> September because it runs *worldwide* in September. There's no other
> time period when it can happen.

While the international WLM team has strived to keep coordination in the 
past, exceptions were made where needed (e.g. in Israel). WLM-IT is a 
project that costs tens of thousands of euro of internal WMIT resources, 
so WMIT has the duty to run it when it works best.

> In an ideal world, FR would have made the simple check to learn if
> there is something else happening in their desired time slot.

Agreed. In said ideal world, however, WMF should also care about it.


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