[Wiki Loves Monuments] WLM Participants' Survey: Summary analysis of contact data

Estermann Beat beat.estermann at bfh.ch
Wed Jan 15 13:58:58 UTC 2014

Dear all,

Please find enclosed some summary analyses of the contact information that was collected as part of the WLM participants' survey (N = 1687):

The highlights:

-       More than 90% of respondents would like to receive future announcements about WLM and other photo contests

-       Ca. 500 respondents (39%) would like to participate in the organization of photo contests!

-       Ca. 500 respondents (39%) would like to participate in GLAM cooperation projects

-       Ca. 350 respondents (27%) are interested in meeting other Wikipedians/Wikimedians

-       Ca. 300 respondents (24%) are interested in learning how to edit Wikipedia or to contribute to Wikimedia Commons

-       Ca. 100 respondents (8%) are familiar with Wikipedia/Wikimedia Commons and would like to teach others how to contribute

Most of them left us their contact details (either e-mail address or username). I have forwarded the file with the contact details to Lodewijk. The idea is that the international team splits the file up into one file per country that can be shared with the local WLM organizers or the local chapter.

The numbers are quite certainly not representative for all the contest participants; I would expect the self-selection bias to be rather high for this question (i.e. those interested in getting more closely involved are probably more likely to participate in the survey than the others).

In the attachment you will also find an analysis for each country.

N.B. For reasons of data protection, the contact information is treated separately from the rest of the data.

Kind regards,

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