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Michael Maggs michaelnmaggs at gmail.com
Thu Sep 19 12:52:05 UTC 2013

Hi Batien

Many competitors in the UK find it difficult to follow the competition instructions to upload via the links on Wikipedia due to the fragmentary nature of the WP listed buildings pages. As a result, many are bypassing the WP link, which means their images cannot be automatically templated with the correct monument number.

What would be really great - at least for the UK - would be to have an "upload another photo" link on the pop-up boxes generated by your tool, which goes straight to the WLM upload tool. That would enable the autofill to work in a very sealmess way, and would hugely reduce the amount of manual categorisation we need to do.

Any chance of that?


On 12 Sep 2013, at 11:09, Bastien wrote:

> Hi Michael,
> Michael Maggs <michaelnmaggs at gmail.com> writes:
>> * The country list would be improved with more descriptive text (the
>> code for England will not be obvious to most people)
> This is now localized.
>> * Loading the whole country is very slow - at least 5 minutes for all
>> of the England buildings to be shown! Can the system load entries
>> based on the current viewed area?
> It does now when you click on "HERE".
>> * It would be good to have some indication of loading progress and
>> particularly when loading has finished. 
> I added a % -- thanks for the suggestion.
>> * Some monuments are missing, including ones that are correctly in the
>> English Wikipedia lists and have images. Where does the data come
>> from, and how is the image determined?
> Yes, the list of monuments from a country/language may not be complete
> as I sync my own database with the toolserver regularily.  The "HERE"
> button does not suffer from this, though, as it loads directly form
> the toolserver.
>> I hope that helps. Very good work!
> It does, thanks :)
> -- 
> Bastien

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