[Wiki Loves Monuments] [WLM announce] Adding uploaded images to monument lists

Lodewijk lodewijk at effeietsanders.org
Sat Sep 7 15:13:42 UTC 2013

Hi all,

During Wiki Loves Monuments, thousands of monuments have already been
uploaded and that is amazing! It's nice to have a lot of images of
monuments on Wikimedia Commons, but it's even nicer to also have these
images in use on Wikipedia. You can help by adding these unused images to
the lists on Wikipedia.

All uploaded images should contain the 'unique identifier' by which you can
identify a monument in your country. Thanks to this information, Erfgoedbot
recognizes which images belong to monuments that do not have a picture yet
in the monument lists on Wikipedia. Erfgoedbot reports these images on the
'unused images' page dedicated to your country-language combination,
together with a link to the exact monument list this image should be placed

An overview of all 'unused images' reporting pages is maintained on
which also explains how to use those pages. If you find a mistake,
have a
question or just want to say how much you like this tool, you can use the
talkpage attached to this overview page. The overview also reports which
language-country combinations have the most images that could be inserted
into a monument list. Currently the countries that require most attention
* Russia in Russian - 22,334 unused images (because they recently created
the list, there's a bit of a backlog, so this is understandable)
* Ukraine in Ukrainian - 5,500 unused images
* Flanders (Belgium) in French - 3100 images
* Poland in Polish - 2300 images (lots of uploads!)
* Flanders (Belgium) in Dutch - 2100 images
* Armenia in Armenian - 1900 images
* Israel in Hebrew - 1200 images (and their competition hasn't even started
* Switzerland in German - 800 images

Good luck with processing this, and please put a note on the talkpage if
you need help understanding something. It might make sense to ask some more
community members to jump in, if you can't manage by yourself. The lists
are updated daily so you probably want to put "your" list on your watchlist
so you can keep up.

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