[Wiki Loves Monuments] [Maps-l] Monuments on the map - Country codes

Platonides platonides at gmail.com
Thu Sep 5 22:14:21 UTC 2013

On 05/09/13 20:26, Bastien wrote:
> Maarten Dammers<maarten at mdammers.nl>  writes:
>> You probably want to use
>> https://tools.wmflabs.org/heritage/api/api.php?action=adminlevels&format=json&uselang=fr
> By the way, is there something similar to get the translated
> names of languages (on top of countries) ?

I use CLDR for that. If you were using php I would point you to the 
WikiLovesMonuments and cldr mediawiki extensionss, for java there should 
be some interface available.

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