[Wiki Loves Monuments] UploadWizard bug?

Jean-Frédéric jeanfrederic.wiki at gmail.com
Sun Sep 1 10:48:52 UTC 2013

Hi Alex,

2013/9/1 Àlex Hinojo <alexhinojo at gmail.com>

> Hi When selecting a monument from a list an opening the upload wizard, the
> system presents all the information of the monument but not the ID, which
> needs to be rewritten manually. Is it correct or some kind of bug?

The fields to carry over to the Upload Wizard must be stated in the code of
{{Filera IPA}}

At the moment your code is

[[Fitxer:Edit add.svg|x14px|Carrega una nova foto|alt=Carregueu una nova
foto d'aquest monument|link=//

Note that id carries over the contents of {{{bic}}} but as far as I can see
there is no BIC field (bad c/c with the ES lists I guess ?)

Which field shall be used ? id or idprot ?

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