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Lodewijk lodewijk at effeietsanders.org
Sun Sep 30 22:16:47 UTC 2012

Jason: if I click on Update decisions, it doesn't save anything. That means
if I click then on Show my reviewed images, there are none.


2012/10/1 Racso <racso at colombia.com>

> 2012/9/30 Jason Spriggs <jason at jasonspriggs.com>
>> Until I have all of your countries setup, here is some to test:Until I
>> have all of your countries setup, here is some to test:
> Looks pretty nice and useful! Thanks for the good work.
> Some suggestions:
> 1. Three pictures are too wide for my screen, so the third picture of each
> row appears off-screen and I must use the h-scrollbar to see it. That isn't
> desirable, I think, as makes the process slow. I would suggest using 2
> pictures per row, or, better yet, to allow the user to pick a number of
> pics-per-row.
> 2. I would change the "X" ("No") button for a "Skip" button, and make the
> "No" to be the default (i.e., if the user doesn't mark a picture, it's
> because it's discarded; if he wants to leave it for later, he must mark it
> with the "Skip" button). That way, filtering would be faster and less
> tedious (less clics per page).
> 3. Not sure about this one, but yet I put it here: What about removing the
> "check" button ("Yes") and allow users to click directly in the images to
> select them as good? For the full-view, the image link below the image can
> be used. This would also make the selection faster (clicking the big image
> is a lot easier than "aiming" and clicking the small button).
> For now, that's all.
> Greetings!
> Racso
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