[Wiki Loves Monuments] Jury tools [2nd turn]

Paul Selitskas p.selitskas at gmail.com
Sat Sep 29 15:44:18 UTC 2012

Hi guys.

I'm in the very best way shocked by results of the almost finished
Belarusian contest. That is more than 100 contestants with more than
5000 submissions! I'm very happy with great results in other countries
as well.

But as the contest is going to its end, there is a question about the
reviewing proccess. How should jury members pick the best photos?
Which software tools should they use? I'm even thinking about
developing a new one which would just retrieve photos via MWAPI and
then just give the jury members a choice out of hundreds of photos
(beforehand filtered to eliminate all low-quality, non-encyclopedic

Looking through the mailing list archives, especially the Jury tools
thread, I haven't yet received an ultimate answer.

So, what is yours?

З павагай,
Павел Селіцкас/Paul Selitskas
Wizardist @ Wikimedia projects
p.selitskas at gmail.com, +375257408304
Skype: p.selitskas

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