[Wiki Loves Monuments] How about having a touring exhibition with the winning photographs? Name us Your exhibition site!

Barbara Fischer barbara.fischer at wikimedia.de
Tue Sep 25 13:15:36 UTC 2012


lately we have been in touch with some printing house to find a sponsor for
the calendars. We did find one as You know, but we also find a printing
house ready to print in high quality and good price the 12 winners (a.o.)
on alu-dibond <http://img.seenby.de/120807/css/bond.jpg> in an exhibition
format like A1 (594 × 841 cm). And first research on shipping costs let us
come to the conclusion, that we could have an exhibition tour with the
winner - motive hosted by local partners.

As an example:

Wikimedia Austria does have the Bundes Denkmalamt as partner. Would they
like to host  for two weeks in the coming year and than send it further to
the next exhibition site previewed? The exhibition would be ready for show
and delivered in two boxes including the labels to each image and the
shipping papers.

We do consider this idea a nice opportunity to show to a broader public our
achievements and to deepen the contact with local partners. It might even
help to prepare the ground for a coming Wiki loves Monuments edition 2013.

Time line:

Start of the Tour: not before December 2012
End of the Tour  August 2013 (scheduled date for the Wikimania)

Taken in account that the exhibition should stay at least 10 - 14 days at
each station and shipping might take some time, we could have 6 to 8
stations all together. WLM international would be able to finance the
production of the photo plates, boxes and stand for the shipping costs (up
to a certain amount). We could help with an press advisory and layouts for
promotion material. But we need Your help to find local partners.

The partner will host the exhibition and stand for promotion and press
work. Would You like to check with your partners, how they like the idea?
Please take in account that I will not be able to attend You in the coming
three weeks. I will be completely offline, due to health reasons. But than
I will be back and love to share Your ideas how and where the tour should

Best regards

Barbara Fischer
Kuratorin für Kulturpartnerschaften

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