[Wiki Loves Monuments] Advice about what to do with a troll? participant

Racso racso at colombia.com
Sat Sep 15 07:24:31 UTC 2012

I'm having a bit of trouble with a really weird (troll?) participant. He
has uploaded some valid photos to the contest, but also lots of really
weird and invalid stuff (for example, a photograph of a dead rat found in a
park [the park is a monument, so let's take some close-up details of it!]).
His last gift was this golden collection:


(Try changing the two-digits number of the filename with other numbers to
see even more columns :D [or just check this out:
look for the "NXX.jpg" filenames])

Apparently, this time he is moving around the inside of an area surrounded
by some kind of fence and taking photos to each column the fence has. I
can't even know if the columns are part of a valid monument because I
cannot see what is behind the photographer (inside the fence); and even if
they are, I think this is just irrational and not useful at all!

What do you think I should do? Nothing? Disqualify the images? Let them
stay until the end of september and then filter them? I don't feel
comfortable knowing that about 10% of the contest valid images are photos
of almost equal columns :S ("Hey, check out Colombia cultural heritage!
Yep, columns! [And dead rats!]"). Also, I'm getting tired of following this
guy's contribution to filter the non-useful, even offensive pictures (I
won't allow the rat image to reach the judges!). I think that, while the
rules don't state that uploading dozens of almost equal photos is invalid,
this guy is clearly stretching the spirit of the competition.

Any advice of how to deal with this kind of behaviour will be really
appreciated. If you think that I'm wrong and I should let him be happy and
participate with his images, tell me so; It will also be appreciated.

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