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aktron at centrum.cz aktron at centrum.cz
Fri Sep 14 17:25:26 UTC 2012

Dear organizers of the Wiki Loves Monuments Contest.
In past days we've been surprised by the number of paticipants in Wiki Loves Monuments Czech Republic. We participate for the first time; about 200 contestants uploaded cca 5200 pictures up to date (we expect total sum of 11400 in October). However, we are looking for a way how to find out which pictures will be in the final category - without any over/underexposed ones, those without ecyclopedic value or those who are blurred or simply somehow bad. 
We've been thinking about a page that will display a limited number of pictures from Wiki Loves Monuments, randomized of course. There will be a voting element similar to "Like button" linked to each picture. First several hundred or a thousand of pictures chosen (with most "likes") will be then presented to the official committe. 
I would like to know what is your idea of chosing "good" or "valuable" pictures out of several thousand, especailly in a situation when there are only 3 people in the organizing team of WLM (CZ). After a long discussion we've come to this one. However, it requires a tool (the page with the voting element) and some time (to wait some time when the results will have some reasonable value, i.e. there wouldn't be 1 or 2 votes for a picture, but let's say 10, 15 or 30. I would like to know if is such a tool (or a similar one) available in the Wikimedia universe. 
Thank you.
Jan Loužek - Aktron
Wikimedia Czech Republic

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