[Wiki Loves Monuments] Slovak WLM

Nuno Tavares nuno.tavares at wikimedia.pt
Wed Sep 12 23:51:58 UTC 2012

Well, if my opinion counts, I'd rather let them run for a month (thus 
ending the Oct 14th. That way nobody is hurt, I believe, it's just a 
matter of how fast they can gather 1) the database 2) the website 3) the 
juri and, eventually, 4) the prizes.

I just learned about Israeli exception, so I really don't see the issue 
why shouldn't SK do the same... wasn't Russia 2011 raised with similar 
delay, last year?


Em 12-09-2012 23:20, Lodewijk escreveu:
> Hi,
> if you're able to have everything in order before that moment I could
> possibly live with it. However, you should have all business in order
> before then (this is not to be underestimated at such short notice),
> including prizes (no prizes is an option too, although highly
> unfortunate) and jury.
> However, I would be quite against having the finishing date of Israel.
> Israel is here a strong exception because the hebrew calendar system is
> different than ours, and newyear starts at Sept 14. This does leave them
> with an extremely short time to run jury results. Having Slovakia with a
> shifted timeline too, would be highly unfortunate. Also, this would mean
> you would have to disqualify all images uploaded so far (you mentioned
> 100 accidental uploads?). So *if* you're able to join, I strongly prefer
> you would still end at September 30. I know this doesn't sound nicely,
> but otherwise things become very confusing.
> Best,
> Lodewijk
> 2012/9/13 Matej Grochal <ggrosi48 at gmail.com <mailto:ggrosi48 at gmail.com>>
>     Dear colleagues,
>     First of all, thank you for the feedback.
>     Joining in with Israel in terms of the timeline seems like a do-able
>     option if we pushed the starting date further a bit. <- What would be
>     the hard limits on that?
>     The infrastructre is getting built as we speak (thank you for the help!)
>     Our thinking is that it is better to take this oportunity and not to
>     wait until 2013.
>     WLM and the Wiki family is, after all, a project of hope,
>     Thank you for your support,
>     Matej Grochal
>     (Jetam)
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