[Wiki Loves Monuments] Slovak WLM

Platonides platonides at gmail.com
Wed Sep 12 22:16:20 UTC 2012

On 12/09/12 23:33, Karl Gruber wrote:
> Hi platonides
> It was an hard work for some people, to get the statusquo and so the put
> so - come next year - is very hard and not motivating for the other user
> around. :-(
> regards
> Karl

I knew it wasn't what you wanted to hear, but I still felt it was the
right answer. I was surprised to learn that you already have the lists
ready. If you are decided, I'd set the dates and go for it. Can
Wikimedia SK pay the awards or you would need financial help from
iternational WLM? It's completely unexpected, but surely there's some
budget that could be assigned to you if needed.
An recruit your jury.

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