[Wiki Loves Monuments] Mobile to desktop uploads - please localize the link

Philip Chang pchang at wikimedia.org
Wed Sep 12 22:06:33 UTC 2012

Dear WLM Members,

We just updated the Android app with a change to the "Upload more photos of
this monument" link - it is now a template on Commons that can be localized.

Thanks, Jean-Frederic, for this suggestion, and for creating the template:


Once users have this version of the app, v1.2.3-1, the localized versions
of the link will appear as the language versions are added to the template.

So please open the template and add your language!

You can see the uploads that use this new feature by searching for the
category, "Mobile to desktop upload." Here is a link:


We have 89 uploads from several countries in this category at the time of
this writing. Please spread the word!

Here are the app download links:



One final note: we are noticing some mobile uploads were actually camera
photos. Here is what one user told us:

Basically most of my raw
photos goes thru raw editing and then converted to JPG either using my
desktop or laptop. Once everything are converted to JPG I put this
thru my mobile phone(Galaxy S3).

Uploading photos via WLM android app is convenient and easy.


Phil Inje Chang
Product Manager, Mobile
Wikimedia Foundation
415-812-0854 m
415-882-7982 x 6810
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