[Wiki Loves Monuments] New feature - WLM Android app helps desktop uploads!

Philip Chang pchang at wikimedia.org
Sat Sep 8 18:00:52 UTC 2012

Dear WLM Members,

Please note we have added a new feature to the app that puts an upload link
on the file page of every mobile upload.

The upload link functions just like the upload button on many monument
lists on Wikipedia. The link pre-fills the Upload Wizard with the relevant
campaign and ID info.

What this means in practice is that any mobile upload can be a placeholder
for desktop uploads. We are hoping this will broaden usage of the app by
making it more integrated with the typical pattern of taking photos on a

Email back if you want to try a pre-release version of the app with this

Here is a draft of the blog post that will be published on Monday:

Desktop uploads from the Wiki Loves Monuments
Posted by Philip Chang <http://blog.wikimedia.org/author/pchang/> on
September 7th, 2012

A travelog is one of the great ways to use the Wiki Loves Monuments Android
App <https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.wikipedia.wlm>. As
you walk around finding monuments nearby and shooting them with your
camera, just take a record of the monument with the app. When you get back
home, upload your mobile photos and presto – you have a convenient record
of all the monuments you visited, sitting right on Commons under “My

Now, the app has a new feature: every mobile upload to Commons will include
a link to upload more photos, with all of the campaign and monument info
filled in. This is similar to clicking the upload button on the monument
lists in Wikipedia, but it is right there in your travelog.

To see your travelog  and use this feature, you must login at
commons.wikimedia.org and click on “My uploads” at the top. Click on the
name of any upload and the file page of that photo will open. Scroll down
and below the description you will see the link, “Upload more photos of
this monument.”

The travelog can help you in two ways: 1) to see a sequential list of the
monuments you visited, so that it becomes easier to identify the monuments
taken on your camera, and 2) to submit the photos from your camera for each
monument. The WLM Android App already helped with 1), and now it helps with

The latest app, version 1.2.3, has been published in the Google
and that version has this new feature. This is most likely the last release
of the app this year. But if you have good ideas about photo uploads in
general, or for improvements next year, feel free to post
send email <mobile-feedback-l at lists.wikimedia.org>.

You may also download the app here, or on the F-Droid market.

We appreciate your support and happy travels!

Phil Inje Chang
Product Manager, Mobile
Wikimedia Foundation
415-812-0854 m
415-882-7982 x 6810
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