[Wiki Loves Monuments] WLM banner problem

Tomasz W. Kozłowski odder.wiki at gmail.com
Tue Sep 4 22:30:02 UTC 2012

On 5 September 2012 00:14, Béria Lima wrote:

> Not even give a link to the picture in the land page (for sake of following
> the license?)

If you can point me to a requirement in the CC-BY 2.5 licence which
says that a website needs to attribute all images that link to it,
then I will be more than glad to do it :-) However, I would then
immediately link all images I created to the website of the
Foundation, and then sue them for violating the terms of the licence I
had chosen :-)

The way we use this picture does not differ too much of the way that
all images on the MediaWiki-powered wikis are used in, except for the
fact that we do not link to the file description page (because we link
to the national websites of the participating countries. In fact, this
does not differ /at all/ from the very popular usage of images like
[[File:Example.jpg|link=Wikipedia:Help]], so I think we should also go
after people using this, because they do not attribute the authors and
don't link to the file description pages where the attribution is

(Being serious now.) We are calling the picture through an <img />
HTML tag, and there is not enough place to attribute the author(s), so
the only way I can imagine this being done is through the "alt" and
"title" attributes, but this wouldn't really fit in the requirements
of the licence, would it?

(Note that the Wikimedia Foundation also violates the terms of the
various licences used by Wikimedia contributors when using images in
the fundraising banners, and I imagine that plenty people before us
did the same.)

Tomasz W. Kozłowski
a.k.a. [[user:odder]]

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