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Osmar Valdebenito osmar at wikimediachile.cl
Mon Sep 3 18:10:24 UTC 2012

I don't see the problem, Racso.
At the moment, the Argentinian, Chilean, Mexican, Panamanian and Spanish
contest are working fine on Wikipedia. The templates are updated and
working with a direct link to the UploadWizard; it just needs a copy-paste.

2012/9/3 Racso <racso at colombia.com>

> 2012/9/3 Lodewijk <lodewijk at effeietsanders.org>
>> If you're afraid of things failing, you could of course just copy it
>> first and see if everything works. There's no need to delete it.
> I may try that, indeed. The problem is that, anyway, one would need to do
> changes in the bots/database/etc. to make them point to the new lists, so I
> think that problems may still arise and be noticed by the participants.
> What I was thinking to do is to keep the contest lists where they are and
> create copies for Wikipedia (similar to your suggestion, but the official
> contest lists would still be the external ones).
>> But one of the identified success factors has always been that pictures
>> end up on Wikipedia - that is what motivates a lot of people.
> I don't think that both things (having the lists in an external wiki and
> adding pics to Wikipedia) are mutually exclusive. Why wouldn't be possible
> to add the pics to the articles and existing Wikipedia lists while keeping
> the contest lists where they are?
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