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It sounds to me that we need more lobby in each country and Brussels with the European Union to get in the whole union freedom of panorama.

I noticed that Wikimedia France is working on that matter. We in Belgium try to set up a chapter and then we also want to work on that matter. I think we stand stronger in this position if we work together. 

Greetings - Romaine

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> 2012/9/2 Racso <racso at colombia.com>:
> > Algo más: southtyrol aparece como país, pero hasta
> donde tengo entendido
> > esas imágenes son parte de WLM Italia.
> Ciao Oscar,
> the point is the following:
> * Last year Italy didn't participate for legal difficulties
> related to
> the fact that Italian law requires an authorisation for
> taking photos
> of anything considered "Cultural Heritage" (in Italy, we
> don't have
> Panorama freedom). We contacted the Ministry of Arts and
> Cultural
> Heritage and tried to find a solution but with little luck.
> You may
> ask if the problem persist and the answer is yes, but we are
> close to
> a partial solution with the Ministry this year, which I hope
> will come
> in the next few days. (I say "partial" because as you can
> see here[1]
> we have a limited list of monuments which can participate in
> Wiki
> Loves Monuments, which are the ones for which we have got an
> explicit
> authorisation. Without dwelling too much into the legal
> details, the
> problem is not about the copyright of the photo, but about
> the
> possible use that Italian law permits of a photo which
> depicts a
> monument, in particular if you want to use a photo in print
> for
> commercial purpose, you have to ask for an additional
> permission which
> is granted individually to a person (the editor), and for a
> given
> publication upon payment of an amount of money).
> * Last year, though, South Tyrol participated in Wiki Loves
> Monuments
> with the Austrian Chapter. In fact the Trentino Alto-Adige
> region in
> Italy is a "regione a statuto speciale" and in particular
> the
> "provincia autonoma di Bolzano" is a "provincia autonoma"
> meaning that
> they have more autonomy (Alto Adige is the Italian name of
> South
> Tirol). So a local group of volunteers coordinated to
> participate in
> WLM and they choose Austria since Austria was participating
> in WLM and
> Italy not. Also, in South Tirol German is an official
> language. I
> don't know what was the status of the monuments which
> participated for
> South Tyrol last year with regard of the authorisation
> problem, but if
> I'm correct the volunteers that contacted us this year said
> they were
> in contact with some local institution. So I'm not sure
> about that.
> We have a similar situation with monuments in the city of
> Alghero-L'Alguer in Sardinia, with monuments that are
> participating in
> the catalan Wiki Loves Monuments (i.e. WLM Andorra, if I'm
> correct).
> Needless to say, we would like to have this monuments
> participate in
> the Italian contest, but we need the permissions for all the
> monuments
> and then they could not participate in another contest since
> that
> would be unfair.
> Cristian
> [1]http://it.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Progetto:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2012/Monumenti
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