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Hi Nkansah,

something that might be more interesting, is using the fact that a lot of
people will participate. The people who will participate, have shown some
interest in Wikimedia. We usually send them a message on their talkpage,
asking them to fill out a questionnaire - /after/ the contest. You might be
able to do the same with an announcement of your national winners, and do a
call to participate in Wikimedia Ghana at the same time.


2012/9/1 Tomasz W. Kozłowski <odder.wiki at gmail.com>

> Hi Nkansah,
> thanks for the message.
> We achieve that through the CentralNotice feature available for Meta
> administrators <http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/CentralNotice>. You can
> read all about this notice system, and also see the currently running
> campaigns at <http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Special:CentralNotice>
> (marked with a green background).
> Setting up a CentralNotice campaign does not require too much work
> once you learn a bit about the software behind it. Unfortunately for
> the planning Wikimedia chapter for Ghana (but probably more
> fortunately for the readers of Wikipedia), the usage of CentralNotice
> is rather limited, only to important notices for the readers of the
> projects or for the community itself.
> The usage guidelines for CentralNotice are available at
> <http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/CentralNotice/Usage_guidelines>.
> Hope that helps!
> Tomasz
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