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Dear Deor,

well quite a project. I really hope that your experiences will further the
coming WLM for next year too. Please share it with us at the scheduled

best regards
Barbara Fischer
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2012/10/30 Federico Leva (Nemo) <nemowiki at gmail.com>

> Deror Avi, 29/10/2012 20:35:
>  During the month of the competition we also held 20 events including two
>> photography workshops (sponsored by the Galitz school of photography),
>> 18 guided tours (sponsored by the Council for Heritage Sites in Israel),
>> and two tours at the Israel Museum (the museum allowed free entrance to
>> the participants). about 400 people participated in the events. Our
>> volunteers chaperoned the tours ready to answer all questions about the
>> competition.
>> 500 people visited our both at  a photography fare, 800 people wrote to
>> us requesting information about the tours, 600 joined our mailing lists.
> All very interesting: I'm curious to see if this will impact the after the
> fact activity of new users too; surely, however, you've done a lot of
> information!
>  We wish to thank our volunteers who helped with the tours, and with
>> creating the lists of monuments (as you may recall we had to create the
>> lists for the competition - none exited before it).
> My sympaties! Six thousands images is not bad at all without pre-made
> lists, as I know from WMIT's experience: congratulations.
> Nemo
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