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Sophie Österberg sophie.osterberg at wikimedia.se
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Wow Deror!  I am amazed by all your effort into making WLM such a big and
joyous event,  great!

/ Sophie
Wikimedia Sverige

Jag ber om ursäkt om jag är kort. Detta skickas från min mobil / Sophie
Den 29 okt 2012 20:36 skrev "Deror Avi" <deror_avi at yahoo.com>:

>  Dear all,
> I wish to update regarding WLM in Israel.
> The competition took place during the month of Tishrei (mid September to
> mid October) , during which 6,097 images were uploaded to the commons.
> The most photographed monuments were, as expected, the Bahai Gardens in
> Haifa, the Tower of David in Jerusalem, and Jaffa Port.
> During the month of the competition we also held 20 events including two
> photography workshops (sponsored by the Galitz school of photography), 18
> guided tours (sponsored by the Council for Heritage Sites in Israel), and
> two tours at the Israel Museum (the museum allowed free entrance to the
> participants). about 400 people participated in the events. Our volunteers
> chaperoned the tours ready to answer all questions about the competition.
> 500 people visited our both at  a photography fare, 800 people wrote to us
> requesting information about the tours, 600 joined our mailing lists.
> We also had 20 newspaper articles (some of which internet newspapers and
> some printed), participated in 6 radio shows and 2 television programs,
> talking about the competition.
> Following the competition a Portal was created in Hebrew Wikipedia to host
> the lists of sites, and the best images taken.
> As to the judging - our volunteers shifted through the 6,000 uploads
> choosing 250 photographs for the 9 judges (three professional
> photographers, two of which from the Galitz School, two professional site
> conservation experts from the National council, and four Wikipedians). The
> judges rated the photographs choosing 30, and then from those chose the top
> 10. The three images that got the highest points will receive monetary
> prices (NIS 5,000 (about $1,250), NIS 3,000 and NIS 2,000). The Israeli
> Internet Association conducted its own judging allowing the general public
> to vote on its most favorite image, which will receive NIS 2,000.
> The results will be published at our awards ceremony which will take place
> on 7th November and will include a tour of old Jaffa, a cocktail and an
> exhibition of the 10 winning photographs and the people's choice.
> Following the awards ceremony, the exhibition will be hung at the gallery
> of the Diezengoff Centre shopping mall in Tel Aviv until 1st December.
> We wish to thank our volunteers who helped with the tours, and with
> creating the lists of monuments (as you may recall we had to create the
> lists for the competition - none exited before it). We especially want to
> thank Yan who has created the judging system used by us and other
> countries.
> We further wish to thank the international competition team for their
> support and assistance, and their patience with our many questions.
> Regards,
> Deror
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