[Wiki Loves Monuments] Language of the survey

Platonides platonides at gmail.com
Mon Oct 29 16:47:10 UTC 2012

I see your problem now. Those settings roughly
match what you mentioned. First it wants US English,
then Dutch of the Netherlands, then any kind of Dutch and
finally any kind of English.

We don't have the survey in US English nor a translation
in the variant of Dutch spoken in the Netherlands, so it goes
through to the (generic) Dutch.
I should had noticed that earlier from your explanation of
what your settings are.

You actually told us that you prefered Dutch than (non-US-localised)
English so that was what you were given.


On 29/10/12 13:57, Jane Darnell wrote:
> en-US,nl-NL;q=0.8,nl;q=0.6,en;q=0.4
> 2012/10/29 Platonides:
>     Jane Darnell wrote:
>     > I don't see an "accept language" choice, but I see under my
>     "wrench" in
>     > Google chrome settings/languages that I have English (United States),
>     > Dutch, and English (in that order).

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