[Wiki Loves Monuments] Language of the survey

Cristian Consonni kikkocristian at gmail.com
Mon Oct 29 10:24:58 UTC 2012

2012/10/29 Platonides <platonides at gmail.com>:
> Cristian Consonni wrote:
>> What about adding links on top of the page (like this[1], for example)?
> That's an option.
> I also considered to show a message when someone is using the browser
> interface in a different language than what he is browsing. Quite sad,
> though.

I was suggesting that only to make it more visible.
I think that if someone has set a language in his browser (s)he is
anyway comfortable with that language.
Maybe it could help to specify in the introduction that one needs to
fill the survey only once in his language of choice.


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