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Kelda Niemeyer kelda.niemeyer at wikimedia.de
Fri Oct 12 11:45:06 UTC 2012

Dear all,

as the subject of Wiki Loves Monuments calendars has already been brought
up on this list, I feel it's time to provide you with some general
information about them, our order process, and shipment information.

This is going to be quite a long e-mail, so I'll jump straight to the topic.

== Specification ==
# The calendars are going to consist of 14 pages: the front cover with the
overall winner; back cover with licencing information and information about
the contest, etc.; and 12 pages, one for each month of the year, with the
remaining top-13 pictures.
# They are going to be A4 in size, and will be printed on a high quality
paper in a environment-efficient way, thanks to the involvement of die
# The weight is not yet known (definitely < 400 g per item), but we'll try
to make them as lightweight as possible, as this will have a huge impact on
the shipping costs.

 == Ordering and shipment ==
# Thanks to die Umweltdruckerei, every country will receive 15 calendars
for free. The shipment of those 15 copies will be covered from the
international budget, so you won't need to pay anything at all if you order
just this number.
# If you'll need more than those 15 copies, you'll be able to order more,
but you'll need to cover the costs of the additional copies yourselves, and
also cover the additional costs of shipment.
# The cost of one copy is €3.51 (that's €2.95 + 19% of valued added tax in
# Shipping costs for additional copies will vary depending on the distance.
You will receive the estimated shipping costs as soon as possible.
# It is currently not possible for individuals to purchase the calendars;
it will only be possible if the Wikimedia Foundation or a chapter decides
to order a bigger quantity and include them in their own shops or produce
the calendars by themselves using our design.
# The design file will be released under the CC-BY-SA 3.0 licence, and will
be uploaded to  Wikimedia Commons as soon as it's ready, so you'll be able
to use it for your own purposes, including selling the calendars in a shop
as mentioned above.

== Timeline ==
# All nominations for the international level (ie. results from the
national competitions) will /have/ to be in by *October 30*. That's a hard
deadline, so please, please make sure not to miss it.
# The results of the international finale of the competition will be known
by November 18; around that time, we will be starting the production of the
# We are going to ship the calendars to the addresses that were provided to
us for the shipment of the paper notebooks sponsored by Lettera27. If
you'd like us to ship the calendars to a different address, /make sure/ to
let us know before *November 18** (deadline)*; a simple e-mail to <
info at wikilovesmonuments.org> will do the trick.
# Also let us know before November 18 how many calendars you want to order to
give us an indication how many you want. Final orders will be done with Die
Umweltdruckerei directly. If you don't let us know anything before that
time, we will assume you want 15.
# The calendars should be ready by December 8, and they will be sent out to
you without any further delays, directly by the printing company. For the
European countries, the shipment usually takes a number of working days;
for the rest of world, the shipment can take a bit longer depending on the
distance from Germany and from the nearest courier service hub, usually
below 10 days. Please note that we can't make guarantuees on the time the
calendars get delivered to you.


Kelda Niemeyer

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