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Nkansah Rexford nkansahrexford at gmail.com
Thu Oct 11 19:53:58 UTC 2012

Thanks for the response.


On Thursday, October 11, 2012, Lodewijk wrote:

> Hi Nkansah,
> thanks for your mail! For the coordinating team it is mostly important to
> have a good mix of people who have time, commitment and experience. There
> is no need that everyone has technical skills, but it would be very helpful
> if some have. There is no official age limitation, it is more important how
> mature one behaves (please note that this is basically a working group, and
> not so much a formal board function).
> There is not much software 'behind WLM' so there is in that respect not
> much training. There is of course a lot of documentation, but mostly it is
> (I'm afraid) a self-learning process.
> Last year we ran the coordination with four very active people. This was
> sometimes on the low side.
> There is no formal geographical limitation - although being from a country
> that successfully organized Wiki Loves Monuments - and that could organize
> it again without your continued support would definitely be a big
> advantage. I would really be sad if you joining the international
> coordination team would for example mean that the activities in Ghana would
> be decreased significantly.
> Best,
> Lodewijk
> El jueves, 11 de octubre de 2012, Nkansah Rexford escribió:
>> Hi,
>> My questions:
>>    1. To be a part of the organizing team, do I need any technical
>>    and/or programming skills (e.g PHP, SQL etc)?
>>    2. Any age limitation?
>>    3. Will newbie volunteers be trained to use the
>>    software infrastructure behind WLM, or they'll have to figure our stuffs
>>    based on their experience?
>>    4. How many volunteers do you need (or how many volunteers will you
>>    recommend to run WLM 2013 successfully)?
>>    5. Any geographical limitation?
>> I guess thats all I wish to ask for now.
>> However, I'm willing to volunteer. I'm from Ghana.
>> Rexford
>> On Thursday, October 11, 2012, Lodewijk wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> 2012 has been the second year that we have an international Wiki Loves
>>> Monuments competition, and it is quite a ride! While we're not finished yet
>>> with this years competition, it is probably good to look forward to 2013. A
>>> number of countries have indicated they would love to join next year. Some
>>> who have already participated this year, some who will be joining for the
>>> first time. Some who participated this year, but not to the extent they
>>> would have liked to.
>>> But for a smooth organization, we will need a dedicated volunteer team
>>> for the international coordination. This year the team consisted from
>>> Maarten (Multichill), Elke (Elya), Tomasz (Odder) and myself with the
>>> valuable support of Barbara who was working from the Wikimedia Deutschland
>>> office. At least a few of this team have indicated that they are unlikely
>>> to help coordinate to the same level as this year.
>>> Lets put it bluntly: without coordinating team, there will be no
>>> international competition for Wiki Loves Monuments in 2013. So the question
>>> is... are there any volunteers?
>>> Maybe you wonder what this coordinating is all about. Most of it is
>>> stuff that others will never see. Talking with network partners, keeping
>>> track of status and documentation, a whole bunch of technical stuff in
>>> tool- and database maintenance and also a lot of knowledge transfer to
>>> local teams (chats, meetings, workshops). The time it costs can vary
>>> widely, but should not be underestimated (I think a few hundred hours is on
>>> the lower side). Of course the more skills and people, the less work per
>>> person.
>>> Would you be interested? Just drop me a note or ask some questions on
>>> this list, in a chat or somewhere else. We don't need to make this decision
>>> right now - but if we want another WLM international - we will need to get
>>> started with budget requests pretty soon thanks to the more complicated
>>> budget allocation rules we're facing. I'm happy to help get that done - but
>>> only if I'm confident that there will be a great team once again :)
>>> I'm looking forward to any questions or emails on this topic.
>>> Best,
>>> Lodewijk (not on behalf of anyone)
>> --
>> +Nyarko Rexford <https://plus.google.com/u/0/107174506890941499078>

+Nyarko Rexford <https://plus.google.com/u/0/107174506890941499078>
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