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And also some (or a lot of) pictures could be deleted in the future due to different causes, like non freedom of panorama, copyvios, images that don't show a monument or show a monument from a country that doesn't participate, etc. I hope this figure will not be so high but we must delete and image or the wlm template when we find a case of these.


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Hi Erik,
Thanks for sharing that. I know tomasz plan to share also mobile upload stats that could be interesting...
Take into consideration that in Israel people still uploading photos until the 15th. It's not thousands of photos per day, but still can effect the finall number a little...
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First congrats for the overall success of WLM 2012, and also for the awesome stats at http://toolserver.org/~emijrp/wlm/stats.php
 Here are some extra stats about uploaders, with focus on new vs experienced contributors:
These data are provisional, while we vet input further (last chart seems to indicate there is still some anomaly), see at '==>'
 This chart shows how the three WLM event lead to increasingly large peaks in new editors (on any project).
 Same chart with logarithmic  y axis. This shows that numbers of old hands contributing to WLM is non-negligible.
 For completeness sake, similar linear and log charts where only WLM 2012 is taken into account. 
 Following bar chart shows experienced vs new uploaders to each WLM event.
 Last chart is similar as first chart, now with remaining Commons contributors to namespace 6 plotted as second line.
Surprisingly there is still a big leap in non WLM editors in Sep 2012 
 ==> (hmmm, seems too coincidental, are we missing WML participants ?, in other words should some users still move from red to blue line ?)
 Also updated is monthly Wikistats report:
Note that there was no time after closure of month to produce and process full archive dump. That will happen in coming week, and  overall article counts and too much lesser degree editor activity counts will drop a few percent, but it should not affect uploader counts.  (reason: for stub dump we cannot apply all official criteria for proper articles, as page content is not available: no check for internal or category link).
 Also noteworthy: you can see which people are most active on the mailing list: http://www.infodisiac.com/Wikipedia/ScanMail/WikiLovesMonuments.html
 Some more details: 
 Each year I get a list of user names of people who contribute to WLM. 
In 2010 the list contained 201 names, in 2011 there were 5462 names and this year 14994. That is 25 less than the 15019 mentioned on http://toolserver.org/~emijrp/wlm/stats.php
 I found edits for 14737 out of the list of 14994 that was provided, that may need further scrutiny (maybe some unicode names got mixed up) 
 Platonides:If we restrict to valid submissions:> time sql commonswiki_p "SELECT DISTINCT user_name FROM u_platonides_wlm_p.wlm2012 JOIN user ON (user_id=wlm_author) WHERE wlm_source = 'commons' AND wlm_status='Participating';" > wlmParticipatingUsernames.txt


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