[Wiki Loves Monuments] Rating the photos

Maarten Dammers maarten at mdammers.nl
Fri Oct 5 15:48:27 UTC 2012

Op 5-10-2012 14:57, Lodewijk schreef:
> Hi Aktron,
> I assume with remove, you only mean that you don't consider them for a 
> prize? (that is a fair reasoning I guess, under the 'usefulness' 
> principle).
> Tamara: I would suggest to leave it up to the jury, as long as they 
> keep the criteria in mind. Every country can make their own judgement 
> calls on what resolutions etc. If you want your nominees to win in the 
> finals though, it would be good to keep the Featured Picture minimum 
> criteria in mind (I'm sure someone can link them) and guidelines - but 
> it should definitely not mean that everything lower than that should 
> not be considered at all! A winning picture is chosed based on a 
> combination of technical quality, usefullness and originality.
The link is at 
https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:Image_guidelines . You should 
leave all the decisions up to the jury.


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